1. youroldrsistr:


    Now this is what you call ‘choice overload’.

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  2. Marble. Not anymore just for your hallway floor and kitchen countertop.

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  3. Something actually good and thus buyable or nah?

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  4. datsmastyle:

    Kid Cudi Crop Top

    Let me think about it for a while. (3 seconds later). Nope, I cannot approve this without a longer tee underneath. It’s a great look for women though.


  5. palaceheal:


    L’Animâle Paris.

    kind of shit that you like

    What is this?! A blue fur bomber on a blue fur sweater. That’s outrageous and therefore kinda cool, no?

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  6. Best tee ever.

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  7. l-homme-que-je-suis:

    Rutger Schoone | Francisco Van Benthum Fall/Winter 2014 | Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

    Refined cozy boy looks right here.

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  9. silver-y:


    Rombaut S/S 2014

    Put it on your wishlist.

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  10. Sandals. They don’t have to be like the hideous ones that tourists wear with white socks you know.