1. nevver:

    Design Crush

    This is so true. Karl has spoken. All hail king Karl.

  2. Selfie game strong with this one.

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  3. Loose clothing. A must for summer.

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  4. Balmain.

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  5. sombre-mais-beau:

    Helmut Lang & Raf Simons iterations of the bulletproof vests.

    These exist because the streets are tough and require a certain swag.

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  6. Straight outta an anime.

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  7. #verytrendingshoesallinonephoto.

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  8. aphoticsouls:

    Fernando Cabral for Alexandra Moura Fall/Winter 2013, edit by aphoticsouls

    Thumbs up for the one responsible for this white textured sweater.

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  9. adynclothing:

    Bespoke ADYN bomber Jacket . Www.adyn.co.uk

    Fur. Leather. Bomber. Perfectly executed.

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  10. Gloves be looking like a king took all the jewelry from his entire royal family and put them neatly in one tiny place. That’s crazy.

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